Totoval has two separated parts, Totoval repo and Totoval Framework repo.


Totoval repo is the main repo which defines the directory mapping of Totoval. It has 7 parts currently.

  • app
    The app is a directory which contains all the component that your project will use.
  • bootstrap
    The bootstrap is a directory contains the packages that should be initialized at Totoval app startup.
  • config
    The config is a directory for placing configurations in which Totoval app will use.
  • database
    The database is a directory for the database interacting things.
  • resources
    The resources is a directory contains Totoval’s language packages and views, etc.
  • routes
    The routes is a directory which defines Totoval’s request routing.
  • environment file
    The environment file is typically refers to a file named .env.json, which you could defined a set of values in json format and it will overwrite the values set at config files
  • entrypoint
    • main.go main.go is the entrypoint of starting the web application, and it will serve the http server binding the port you’ve configured.
    • artisan.go artisan.go is the entrypoint of Totoval’s command line, you could use this entrypoint for all the command line interactions defined in Totoval.


Totoval Framework repo is a set of utils that Totoval would use, you only need to import it at go.mod file in Totoval main repo